1. 3

    Rifle Scopes Scope caps for 5.5 X 22 X 56 NXS

    I went back several pages and didn't see anything specific so at the risk of being the 900th guy to ask............. Anyone have a recommendation for the best flip scope caps for the above referenced scope? Rather have something good than cheap.
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Caps for large objective scopes?

    Hey all, While I was configuring a USO SN3 3.8-22x scope on their website, I noticed that they don't have any Butler Creek flip caps available for their 58mm objectives. What did you guys end up doing?
  3. E

    Rifle Scopes what size BC scope caps

    Because I hate to have to return stuff, can some one tell me with confidence what size of BC caps fit the NF NFX 5.5 - 22 X56? I'm guessing a #18 oc. and a #48 obj. Am I correct?
  4. LoneWolfUSMC

    Rifle Scopes Scope Caps

    Ok, here's the dillema. I got the SN-3 mounted and have just a millimeter or two between the objective and the barrel. I can get the USO flip cap on, but I can't rotate the ERGO well with it in place. The tabs and hinge hit and won't let me run through the full range. I am thinking of...
  5. Tactical30

    Rifle Scopes nighforce question (turret caps)

    This might be a really stupid question but I have an Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NXS scope and I mounted it on a .300 win mag. I see on the Nightforce F1 first focal plane scopes have the option of having the .300 win mag ballistic turret caps for 190gr S.M.K. Question is can you put those turret caps...
  6. Puck

    Rifle Scopes Interesting Leupold scope caps question

    So one of my fiance's relatives gave me a Leupold VX-3 scope to long term borrow for my rifle (shes a keeper I know). I went to get some scope covers for it so the lens didn't get scratched while in my possession. I bought Leupold Alumina covers and the threading doesn't match up. The custom...
  7. T

    Rifle Scopes couldn't find it, had to ask.... caps for menace?

    i just ordered a falcon menace and i am wondering what size butler creek caps i need for it. i ordered the 4-14 x 44 in FFP and i want some caps for it

    Rifle Scopes NF scope caps?

    I took my scope in today to get some Butler Creek caps. The objective end was between a 33 and a 34 according to the sales guy. So, what are you guys using on a NXS 3.5x15x50? Thanks.
  9. C

    Rifle Scopes BC caps for Nikon

    Was wondering if someone could tell me what Eye And Obj. Butler Creek cover i need to get for a Nikon 4.5 -14 X 40 SF. Thanks Cameron