1. M

    Accessories RCBS Carbide Three Die Set - 45 ACP

    Got this die set as an extra when I purchased my press, but I do not reload for 45 ACP. These are a little dusty and will likely need a cleaning before use, but no rust. $40 shipped to CONUS. I accept Paypal (you add 3%) or Venmo.
  2. H

    Carbide cutter for Wilson trimmer?

    You folks know of anywhere that has a carbide cutter for a Wilson trimmer? Kinneman's used to have them but their site looks to be no longer available. Sinclair's has them but they want $70 for the kit and I'm not willing to spend $70 on the cutter kit alone.
  3. S

    .223 carbide dies

    Are they worth the money? Dillon wants well over $100 for a single die. I find it hard to pay that much, but I do find full length sizing to be a bit laborious. I guess I was coddled by loading .45 ACP exclusively for about a year. Now lubing seems like a huge pain in the ass. I've been...
  4. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    RCBS Carbide dies

    Most of my dies are RCBS . How can I tell which ones are carbide?