1. 6.5guys2

    Optics Wtb the older leupold vx-3i cds with the older tall turrets

    Looking to buy one in a 6.5x20 with the older tall turrets in mil with a mil reticle let me know wat you have with pics and price at 931310132five thanks in advance
  2. L

    Optics Leupold VX2 300blk CDS Dial 3-9x40 W/ Rings and Flip Caps

    VX2 3-9x40 leupold VX2 CDS with Leupold rings (not positive on the model) and Alumina Flip Caps. This comes with a 300blk CDS dial for the Barnes 110 TX out of a 16” barrel. I have no idea where the base MOA turret is. So, being sold without factory turret. It was hunted with so shows signs of...
  3. B

    Rifle Scopes Leupold CDS?!?

    Ok what's the story with these? I can't find any info googling... except a picture Looking at the pic at the loopy custom shop website are they the ones on the VX7? the low profile popup ones?