1. N

    Advanced Marksmanship Service Rifle - charging handle location?

    Do you use the charging handle for "placement" when shooting the AR15 and, if you do, where does the charging handle lie when in the various positions? I've been using my nose against the left side of the charging handle for all positions, but I'm developing a flinch in anticipation of my nose...
  2. tundramuscle03

    Side Charging option for .308 AR.....Thoughts???

    Hey guys I got in on the Iron Ridge buy for .308 lowers, I got 2 in the DPMS lower config and I was thinking about using the Fulton Armory upper with the side charging question is...Has anyone here used the FA upper with the side charging option? Likes? Dislikes? Any other opinions...
  3. 2

    Gunsmithing AR bolt carrier side charging handle

    Does anyone know of a supplier for "FN style" charging handles? I need one for an project and my machinist doenst have time right now to make one.