1. I

    Firearms Custom 338 Norma ASR Clone. ***SOLD***

    Built by Tim Humston at Suppressed Armament Systems as a clone of the SOCOM ASR. Set up for 300gr hybrids. Absolute tac driver. I just don't have the time or place to really stretch it out, and too many other projects at the moment... Will sell with or without scope/mount. -Stiller TAC 300...
  2. justinbaker

    quickload question. difference b/w CIP and SAAMI

    im loading for my 22-250 and trying to figure out what the difference between 22-250 CIP and 22-250 SAAMI thanks guys!
  3. P

    Surgeon XL Standard mag & CIP ?

    If you have a Surgeon XL not built into a rifle can you simply exchange your standard bottom metal and mag box for a CIP length magazine ? Or is there action work that needs to be completed. If not I am seriously considering the .338 Norma mag. My action is already in the country either in...