1. Todd Heyn

    Does Lake City .223 Brass have crimped primers?

    I am looking at purchasing some once fired .223 brass from Wideners. Here is the link: Once Fired Lake City Brass Just let me know if the brass would have crimed in primers. I have sent them an e-mail but have not yet heard back. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Remington vs Lake City Brass Capacity

    How much less powder would one want to use in Lake City Brass if a posted load was calling for Remington Brass ?? The reason I ask is that Greg Langelius's 175gr load of 42.2 IMR 4064 in Remington Brass shoots real good in my M1A. However I only have 100 pieces of Remington Brass and plenty of...
  3. D

    Lake City Match brass??

    Anybody used any in a .308? Had any luck with decent loads. I noticed it was heavier than lapua brass, which surprised me.
  4. C

    directions to steel city match

    I would like directions to the steel city match, I will be coming down I-22 from Jasper. I work in Tarrant and I know my way around B'ham pretty good. I'll also need the start times.
  5. grunt0311

    Lake City 30-06 Match Brass

    Im looking for about 300-500 once fired brass. I would like LC MATCH and it doesnt matter the year but prefer to be same. Im going to use this in my M70 sniper rifle build. Anyone know where I can find some at?
  6. N

    Lake City brass - what do I need to remove crimp?

    I've got a Lee Anniversary kit on the way and will be reloading primarily once-fired Lake City brass. What, exactly, do I need to do to the crimped in primer?
  7. A

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths near Temple or Arlington TX or OK City

    I live in Temple, TX, mom lives in Arlington, TX and wife's family in Oklahoma City. I need a good gunsmith who can glass bed my rifle for a good price with excellent results. I would try to learn myself but I have no time. Thanks!
  8. N

    Federal American Eagle Lake City 50 BMG ammo......

    just wanted to get an opinion on the reloadabilty (word?) of this ammo..I have seen the french ammo that is much cheaper but there is more work involved to reload? I have never reloaded but am planning to get equipment to reload and want to be able to reload this, any help will be appreciated...
  9. O

    Lake City 30-06 Match Ammo

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this but here goes... I have a Custom built rifle I recently acquired. It was built when I got it so I have no idea if it has unusual chamber specs or if there is even such a thing possible on an '06. Anyway, I bought some Lake City Match ammo for it...