1. C

    Best scope for clarity

    Hi all, I have just acquired my rifle license in the UK and am looking to start off right and buy one of the absolute best optics I can buy. I would say I'd be 50/50 hunting deer and vermin or target shooting. What I'm looking for is scopes with the absolute best clarity. I was thinking a...
  2. jephs422

    Rifle Scopes clarity and light gathering comparisons.

    I have a lot of glass on a lot of different rifles, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything over the $500.00 mark. It's not that I don't appreciate fine glass, nor do can I not afford it (well to a point). Typically after spending a few k on a rifle, I don't have much left over so I end up...
  3. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell 6500 Clarity

    how is the clarity of the 6500 series compared to: Falcon 4-14x Nikon Buckmaster or other Nikon Scopes Leupold Mark 4 I'm considering selling my acog and getting one of these for my sig 556.
  4. B

    Rifle Scopes USO Clarity

    Just got a USO sn-3 3.2-17. This scope just does not seem as clear as my nightforces. Just can't seem to get it very clear at 100 yds. Has anybody found this or is it just me?