1. J.Boyette

    Photos 18" CLE SPR Stag Lefty upper

    I see alot of rifles posted, but none with a parts list. So this is my Parts list. To the best I can do. CLE built upper 18" 1/7 Douglas BBL rifle length gas system <span style="font-weight: bold">CLE</span> Same contor as the MK-12 Mod 0 and 1 DD Lite 14.0 Handguard <span style="font-weight...
  2. M

    AR15 Geissele Trigger vs. CLE

    Hi Guys: I tried the search engine, but could not find an answer. I am currently deciding between a Geissele match trigger or the match trigger offered by Compass Lake. Does anyone have experience with both of these triggers? Which one is better? I will be shooting alot of benchrest, but...