1. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors Clip holster for Glock??

    anyone ever used a "clip holster" like this?
  2. mjh30

    Rifle Scopes Which mount for a clip slotted Remington 700

    I completed my USMC M40 clone and realized that the rifle was much better than both the stock it was bedded in and the Redfield mounted on it. So, I ordered a McMillan M40A1-HTG for her and bought a IOR 16x42 from Scott at liberty optics. Now the question is, which mount to buy and use, the...
  3. flims

    50BMG at 1150meters video clip

    here is a video clip i put together from a recent shooting session. here i was the spotter, then we alternated there is more to come, meanwhile enjoy the pics. besides the steyr we had an AMSD nemesis seen below a Mc Millan One Hecate II as used...
  4. hue001t

    Gunsmithing bigger clip question

    i have savage 110 in 7mm. it has 3rd internal mag which im sure you all kno better than me im sure. but can you make it a removable clip to fit more rounds?
  5. H

    Suppressors Money Clip Options

    Anyone know of a decent money clip knife on the market? Not the fingernail file/girly man models, but a good locking single blade model. I have found a few with online searches, but am looking for firsthand experience. Desired features would be: Quality construction and blade material Thin...
  6. wnroscoe

    M40A3 Clip Slot Specs

    7mmRM is working to aquire these for me but, if anyone has a drawing and or the specs for the M40A3 Clip Slot Cut Out I would appreciate it if you would share them with me. I'm trying to help/finish up a rifle for a fellow Hide Member and thats the only metal work left prior to refinishing...