1. 9H_Cracka

    Berger Moly closeout

    Eric Stecker just posted this over on nationalmatch in case you are a Berger Moly fan. Moly Discontinued Bullets Sale March 2009 We are clearing out all our moly coated bullets that will no longer be available. The following bullets are available at significant discounts while supplies last...
  2. S

    Green Mountain 10/22 MAGNUM BARREL - Closeout

    Green Mountain's web site has the 17 inch blue and stainless Ruger 10-22 MAGNUM barrels on a close out special for $74 blued and $84 stainless. Anyone used/have one of these on the 10/22 Mag Ruger?? I'm sure the 20" is the big seller - does the 3" make that big a difference (I'm sure it will be...