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  1. JMBlackwater226R

    Firearms Pre-Ban H&K 91

    1978 Pre Ban HK 91 Highly sought after SACO Import with the S-F selector. Excellent condition. Comes with (10) 20 Rnd magazines. $4,500 for the package Open to trades for Precision Rifle in .338LM or .338 Norma
  2. Parallax

    Suppressors New Addition to Collection - L.F.&C. M1917

    I've been looking for a mint condition original example of this knife for several years for my collection. They were sold by Bannerman as surplus in the 20's for $1.50 each. These knives used to be plentiful but although they are still found ... not in near museum condition like this one...
  3. A

    Photos My swiss collection

    SIG 552 Commando,masterblaster

    Brass collection?

    I am going to start reloading soon, and I have started collecting my brass. It is simple to collect the brass from my bolt rifles and revolvers, but how does one easily collect brass from auto loading firearms? My AR and GLOCKs chuck the brass about 6 feet to the 5 o'clock position. When I am...