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  1. D

    Colorado new guy Biathlon, Dirt Bikes, Spuhr

    Newb, here. Looking to learn and compete in PRS type stuff (if that’s what it’s called) yes I’m that new. Been doing biathlon for a while which is super fun/hard. Denver and Winter Park Spuhr 6.5 PRC Anschutz 1827-F Those are the fun ones for me:)
  2. Snaz

    SOLD WTS: Hornady Iron SS Press

    I have a like new Hornady Iron Press for sale. I loaded approx 200 rounds on it, then switched to a Area 419 Zero. It comes in original box with what you see on it in the pic. It also comes with the die holder assembly and 2 plastic bins that mount on the die holder. I'd like to sell this to...
  3. D

    Denver, CO Resident wondering where to go and shoot?

    I live in the Denver area and have a major urge to get some trigger time in. I normally go to Pawnee Sportsman Center to shoot but I anticipate with the statewide lockdown they will not be operating. I am thinking of heading up to Wyoming, Cheyenne area. A)Does anyone know if ranges around...
  4. Starbuck

    Boulder Rifle Club Long Range Rimfire Match ***CANCELLED****

    Match Description: This all-steel match is designed to simulate “field” and “hostage” shooting scenarios. The match is designed to be challenging, fast-paced, fun, and safe, with competitors’ down-time kept to a minimum. Eight (8) 30 shot strings, shot from different positions, which will vary...
  5. M

    Money Shoot at Mill Creek, June 9-11, Saguache, CO

    Full details: http://millcreekshootingresort.com/events/money-shoot_23 THE SHOOT Two shooters per team/50 Teams Entry fee $375 per person (lunch 6/9, lunch & dinner 6/10 included) 50% of all entry fees paid in cash prizes to top 15 teams Two Ballista Titanium Suppressors for the #1 Team. Bolt...
  6. Lowlight

    Rifle Raffle to help a Colorado Member.

    Help Out a Colorado Flood Victim One of our fellow members, ScottyD, lost his home, car, wife’s business to the floods here in Colorado. Like so many Estes Park residents, they did not have flood insurance. Their home was outside of a 500yr flood plane. A couple fellow Colorado members...
  7. T

    Hello from a new member

    Hello all, My name's Thomas from CO. I've been looking on this website for a long time for product reviews and what not and finally decided to join. I'm a USMC veteran turned contractor. I mainly joined the site to get in touch with the long range shooting community in my area. I've been away...
  8. Lowlight

    Colorado Job Opening in the Gun Industry

    Rifle and Pistol Range Manager – Colorado Clays Shooting Park (Brighton, CO) Colorado Clays Shooting Park is located 30 minutes from downtown Denver and has been operating as a high volume, premier shotgun shooting facility for 16 years. We are opening a rifle and pistol range and we are looking...
  9. earthquake

    Member Link Up Colorado: Places to Shoot, People to Shoot With

    Edit:: I moved away from Colorado in summer 2014. So I've been in CO for 5 years now and have never shot here, except for the range in Cherry Creek and out at Dumont (but that was work related). I'm interested in finding some place to shoot, at least to 500 yards, and that I don't have to...
  10. U

    PAT ROGERS Carbine Course - May 2010 - COLORADO

    <span style="font-weight: bold">EAG Tactical 3 Day Carbine Operators Course</span> <span style="font-weight: bold">EAG Tactical </span> (Pat Rogers and Crew) will conduct a 3 Day Carbine Operators course on <span style="font-weight: bold">May 15 - 17, 2010</span> at the Pueblo West...
  11. H5N1

    Hunting & Fishing Colorado Mule Deer Hunt

    I'm thinking about going on a Colorado "drop camp" mule deer hunt this year. Has anyone had experience with any particular outfitter? I've never hunted in the mountains. Any advice would appreciated,Thanks
  12. oldgrayone

    Maggie’s Colorado to Ban Fox Hunting

    Some gay guy by the name of Peter Cotton is trying to get PETA to stop fox hunting. Here is a pic from the field showing a hunter with a pile of fresh kills that has been showing up on front pages all over the state to help him in with his fight. This is dirty pool at it's best.
  13. 9H_Cracka

    COLORADO rifle match 8/22 8/23 CRC

    Sign-up - 7a-7:30a each day; first rounds down range Approx. 8a. Location - see www.crci.org for directions Match fee: $20 per day. On the current HP calendar for the dates 5/30 and 5/31 at Colorado > Rifle Club, I want to clarify what matches will be run. Tony Stahl is > listed as the...
  14. clos9009

    Gunsmithing Colorado Gunsmiths

    Can anybody recommend a (good, great) gunsmith in the Denver or surrounding area. thanks
  15. HOG1775

    Member Link Up Colorado long range training

    Is there anyone in Colorado that does long range training weather it be personal or a school?
  16. U

    Colorado - Run & Gun Semi-Auto Rifle Match (Pics)

    Run and gun rifle match at the Pueblo West Sportsman's Association range on the <span style="font-weight: bold">4th Sunday of every month</span>. -Match fee is only $15. -Set up starts around 6:30am -Shooters meeting and walk through is at 9:45am -We generally shoot 3 to 4 different stages...
  17. The King

    Member Link Up Colorado Members Camping/Shooting Trip PICS!

    The camping/shooting trip this weekend was a fantastic success. This was a 3 day camping/shooting event with a match. All proceeds from the match go to help fight breast cancer. Pictures
  18. paulholcomb

    Member Link Up Colorado Members Camping/Shooting trip 3/13-3/15

    Hey guys...some of us Colorado guys are getting together to do a weekend camping and shooting trip in the geographical center of Colorado! JP Outfitters will supply the tents and ALL cooking utensils as well as the food. Please bring your own sleeping bags/cots and let me know that you will...
  19. C

    Member Link Up western slope colorado

    anyone near the grand junction area?