1. jason_mazzy

    Fieldcraft any kryon colors or type you can't use on a weapon

    before I go out and decide to try something creative on my weapon, are there any types of krylon spray paint you can not use?
  2. C

    Rifle Scopes Colors to match the desert camo pattern

    OK attempting to paint a scope... I cannot seem to find an exact or really close color match ( Spray can )to the light and medium tan/beige colors in the McM desert camo pattern. any freakin help at all would be great... growing overly frustrated.
  3. Mag 300

    Manners will be making molded in colors this year

    Just spoke to manners and there going to be making molded in colors later this year first it will be a solid in 4 colors Black Coyote Olive drab and one more closer to the end of the wear mixed colors
  4. D

    Desert Camo - Duracoat colors

    Hey guys, anybody got a good idea of which Duracoat colors would best represent the Desert Camo pic attached? I am trying to figure out which three colors to go with from Duracoat. Attached is a pic of the desert camo I am referring to. I was thinking #116 Multi Beige for the base, #11 Desert...
  5. 19Scout77

    Duracoat Camo Colors

    What Duracoat colors should I use for MARPAT camo and a Rhodesian camo? Thanks.
  6. M

    Lets see some of those McMillan marble colors

    Trying to decide on a color for a new stock, please show some of your marble / swirl color patterns. Thanks, Mike