1. rubiconscott

    Optics WTS Leupold MK8 CQBSS H27 W/Badger COMM, jarm with T1+

    Scope is SOLD Badger Mount is SOLD Leupold mk8 cqbss 1.1-8 175gr 7.62 dial H27 reticle Badger COMM 1.92” Tan (brand new) (Brand new j arm mount and bade plate used T1) Leupold 20 moa mount (used) Tenaebrex flip ups/adapter. Tan (brand new) (AIMPOINT NOT included) $3,550 for everything $3,000...
  2. M

    SOLD Badger Ordinance COMM 1.70" 30 mm, tan scope mount

    For Sale: Badger Ordinance COMM scope mount, 30mm ring, 1.70" scope height, tan color. I have mounted a scope in the mount, but the mount is in perfect condition. $285.00 shipped.
  3. sobrbiker883

    Gunsmithing Seekins comm?

    Anyone heard anything out of Glen for a couple/few weeks? I've emailed and called and left a message at the begining of the month, but no reply.