1. blackraven1079

    Compressed loads advice please

    Looking to load the Hornady 110 vmax in my .308 AE 24 inch barrel. I've just started to explore Quickload (computer program), am i right in thinking 47 grains of IMR4895 is good starting load? I've even filled the case with water and inputted that into QL to give myself the best chance of...
  2. L

    Compressed loads

    Does the compression of powder alter the chemical composition of the powder? In other words does a compressed load differ from a non- compressed load?
  3. C

    Compressed Loads

    Exactly what effect does this have on the case and the bullet? The reason I ask is, because I just loaded some 155 Lapua Scenars with 45.8 grains of Varget, you could feel the slight resistance and hear the faint sound of the powder being compressed. It was my understanding that 47.0 grains...