1. gimmefuel

    Which Stock? n00b content inside

    Looking @ replacing the Houge overmold on my 700SPS Tactical(.308). I like the look and feel of it but not so impressed by the "flexy-ness" of it. The gun is goint to be used @ the range most of the time and probaly during the cpl weeks of deer season. I was looking @ the Choate stuff and for...
  2. gimmefuel

    Rifle Scopes Fixed power question :n00b content:

    OK fully prepared to be flamed/hazed for this.... Rifle: Rem 700sps tactical in a .308, Base:0moa TPS steel I already bought a 3-10 power as I plan on using this for deer, but the other 49-49 weeks a year I want to use it for a weekend target rifle. Local ranges are 100yd to 250yd. My...