1. I

    Loads for the 450 Dakota

    Hello, I'm new to snipers hide, and was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the 450 Dakota. I'm building one off of a ruger #1. I'm curious about load data and accuracy at longer ranges.
  2. 737shark

    Suppressors CLASS THREE DEALER in North Dakota???

    Any Help please. I need one for a transfer David
  3. E

    Need 7mm Dakota loads!

    Hi guys my custom 7mm Dakota is arriving in a week and I need some good loads preferably with heavier bullets 160grs and up? And if you guys have the velocities can please post them. Thank you elmer
  4. G

    ELR in South Dakota

    Stiggy and I took a few days off last week for an ELR Prairie Dog trip. We set up about 150 feet from the valley floor on a ridge line: To find the target look across the valley, past the trees on the valley floor, up the slope. Center-left in the photo, just below the horizon, where a ridge...
  5. C

    anyone own a Dakota Longbow in 338LM?

    please post your experience with this rifle. what ammo you shoot, anything else you would like to share i just want to get an overall view of this rifle. i have a friend who has one and he is having constant accuracy issues with this rifle. Thanks
  6. miniman93

    Hunting & Fishing anybody hear live in east river south dakota

    tryin to find some good bowfishing spots. you guys know of any. lookin for carp and gar mostly