1. USAF1A8

    Extreme Accuracy: The One Mile Shot, with David Tu

    Anybody seen this, is this worth the cash just for entertainment purposes? http://www.impactguns.com/store/711669903525.html Yes, It's true... Tubb shoots a target at one mile... and then he does it again and again... no luck here. And, no he does not shoot from a benchrest position, he...
  2. TacticalSasquach

    Rifle Scopes David Tubb sights?= total confusion

    can anyone shed light on these type sights. I dont see how it is humanly possible to be better than high quality glass. I am talking about the tubular ones he has mounted on the front and back of his rifles
  3. NY700

    david tubb rem 700 bolt?

    I am on a tight budget with little room forr error in building my dream stick. Does anyone have any experience with the supperior shooting supply remington 700 replacment bolt by David tubb. Seams like a good deal compared to truing up my factory original. Any ideas on the topic would be great.
  4. W

    Maggie’s David After the Dentist................LMAO!!