1. S

    Optics Sig Sauer SOZ99003 Zulu9 Binoculars 15X56mm, HDX Lens. Close Bridge, Graphite, Black, NEW, PRICE DROP $900 shipped

    NEW, off the price table $900 shipped, comes with tripod adapter. New pair$1300 Sig Sauer SOZ99003 Zulu9 Binoculars 15X56mm, HDX Lens. Close Bridge, Graphite, Black
  2. TxDerek

    Firearms 375 Cheytac complete package!

    Complete 375 Cheytac package. Specs are in picture of the build. 55 rounds down tube. Comes with brass, everything on the list except the scope setup, and load data for rifle. Listing for a good buddy who isn't here on the Hide. Thanks. $6000 shipped.
  3. sniperk1ng20

    Optics WTS Primary Arms FFP 6-30x56 Rifle Scope *SPF*

    Model : platinum FFP 6-30x56 Make : Primary Arms Condition : Like New only mounted once Price : $975 ( NOW $925!!) Location : South OC Shipping on your dime.
  4. S

    Accessories Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb, $110 free shipping

    For sale: Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb Standard curve Small pin Used condition, Works perfectly $110 including shipping
  5. S

    Optics Athlon Cronus BTR FFP 4.5-29x56 Mprs IR Mil Great Deal

    Athlon Cronus BTR FFP 4.5-29x56 aprs ir mil. Iam an original owner, had it for about a year. Only been mounted on one rifle. The outer body has slight marks from running it on barricades nothing major. Otherwise the scope is in perfect working order, very clear glass and tracks true. The scope...
  6. S

    Firearms Howa Bravo, 6.5 Creed, Athlon Cronus BTR, Production PRS

    Complete package for Precision Rifle Series (PRS) production division, loaded with accessories. Owned the rifle and the scope for approximately a year. Only selling it to fund a custom project for next season. The rifle is easily capable of .5 moa groups with handloads. ***Athlon Cronus btr...
  7. P

    Dillon 550B Deal?

    I have a chance to buy a Dillon 550 progressive relaoder complete with with .45 cal and 357 Mag. dies for $350.00 that was used only a couple of times. I don't know a lot about progressive reloaders and have been shooting .45ACP and .357 Mag a lot more and it's getting expensive. Is this a good...
  8. J

    Did i get a good deal ?

    i was wondering around town today and stumbeled across some bulk projectiles at a crapy seccond hand place .308 150 grain winchester power point BC 2.7 but the kicker i paid $100 australian for 1200, but ended up with 2750 :), that is under 4c a projectile so that makes a 39c for a .308 400...
  9. guns1977

    Rifle Scopes Where to find the best deal on US Optics Scope?

    Okay I"ve decided what scope I want/need and am going with a us optics sn3 tpal, the scopes have a price but was wondering where to find the best deal on them? Just wondering if any tips from those familiar with the scopes and company. Thanks
  10. wjwill

    Gunsmithing Here is the REAL deal with my Ruger M77

    Lastnight, I spent a few hours talking to JLM in the shout box about my rifle one on one. We went through EVERYTHING on the rifle from different ammo i used to all the screws. JLM told me to take the barreled action out of the stock so I did and took pics with my phone for him to see the...
  11. R

    Hunting & Fishing Good deal on a mount.

    So I shot this lil buck last year or the year before and just had it skull mounted. Had a young kid who is an apprenticing taxidermist ask if he could please mount it for the cost of materials and he would provide a nice dark cape. I figure if he does a good job on the finish work, my group of...
  12. P

    Broken Square Deal B

    Tonight while loading .45acp on my SDB the shellplate bolt broke in half. I contacted Dillon for a replacement. Is this a common bolt that I could find locally? I am in the midst of several matches and really need to load more ammo. Thanks, Jim
  13. rdsii64

    Deal or no deal

    I was looking for some .223 ammo on line and I ran across a some 62 grain SS 109 rounds for a price my wallet won't choke on. Has anyone ever heard of a 62 grain round doing ok in a 12 twist barrel.
  14. I

    dfar's deal on 338LM lapua brass

    FYI-If you looking for a bargain on new 338 lapua magnum brass check out the price below from Connecticut Firearms & Tactical, $179 per 100rd box, best price i've seen [i just bought a few myself...] <span style="font-style: italic">Here is what I have left. Place an order now for the next...
  15. G

    reloading for the real deal

    ok guys I got a question what is the deal with not being able to reload ammo for taking the real deal law enforcement sniper shot why do we have to shoot factory ammo? this just frustrates me to no end is there any case law on this subject our reloaded rounds are more accurate and...
  16. strick9

    7mm saum die deal.

    Just an fyi.
  17. SmokeRolls

    Looking for good deal on powder and primers

    Looking for atleast 8 lb of H 4350 and 2K of Federal 210 M.... May be interested in more if for a good price including shipping cost if thats possible....(To others)Please don't crap in my thread and grab up what I am asking for before I get to it this evening....Remember be nice... I will be to...
  18. sv650_pimpin

    is this a good deal?

    I found on a website selling 1000rds of 223 55gr. federal fmj for 459.00. Is that good or fair, or should i just wait for the gun show in 2 weeks?
  19. S

    Is this package deal a good deal???

    Well I and a friend of mine went out the other day to bust some rocks with my Remington 5R in .308. I've had this rifle for a little over two years now and have been very happy with it. Everytime this buddy of mine shoots it he wants one. So proceeded to tell him a little of its history; you...