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    Kahles K525i Left side windage SKMR-3 Reticle Box, manuals, and neoprene scope covers included. No scratches whatsoever on the glass, no dings or dents on the exterior. Also have a new Spuhr 4001 mount that could be added to the deal. $- shipped for the scope, add $- for the mount. Will not...
  2. saryan


    First off I know this isnt the for sale forum but there isnt a for sale forum that applies to this type of item so I figured this would be the best place. If i am wrong feel free to delete or move this and email me where I should put this ad. I ended up with this credit from the 4 man team...
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    please delete

    please delete
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    nevermind... borderline political I think.
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    Range Report Delete- question answered

    Delete , question found and answered