1. NikolaiS

    Rifle Scopes Mil Reticle, MOA dial?

    I'm new to this board, learning about marksmanship and trying to soak up as much info as I can... The entire MOA and Mil Dot math required zero a rifle has been almost voodoo to me, (figuring out distance conversions off target to clicks) until I ran across Lowlight's article on using a...
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes dial up ?

    I hope this question is not to stupid , I always used ffp scopes and bdc knobs from kenton,I have just got a nightforce 5.5x22x50 npr1 reticule and my question is can i dial up on any power range and be on I no i have to be on 11 power for my reticle to range but if im on 8 or 22 power if i...