1. R

    Gunsmithing Can I disassemble a bolt?

    I was planning on painting a rifle. Is the bolt easy enough to disassemble that I can do it without too much difficulty or do I need special tools? It is a Winchester M70 push feed bolt. I was going to use duracoat. Are there parts of the bolt that absolutely shouldn't be painted? Rick
  2. Jayne

    Ever disassemble factory match ammo?

    Just wondering if anyone had every disassembled a couple of rounds of factory match ammo and weighted out all the components. I can't find the collet set for my bullet puller or I would have tried it myself tonight. I know I obsess about getting my powder to the .1 gr and sometimes have even...
  3. E

    How often to dis-assemble the actual bolt to clean

    Just wondering how often your cleaning frequency is for the internals of a bolt, on a bolt actuated rifle? You know, the firing pin, the channel it resides in, etc.