1. USMCj

    Having doubts about my 7WSM build, Need advice.

    I have everything for my 7 build (Surgeon RSR action, AICS stock, moddified mag to feed WSM) except for the barrel which is on order from ROCK. So I have had some time to do as much research on 7WSM and better options. The problem is I jumped the gun and bought all the dies (redding comp set)...
  2. coulthard_west

    Rifle Scopes Starting to get my doubts.

    I originally ordered my sn3 on feb 13th. I was quoted 6 to 8 weeks build time. Then the clean room incident happened and got pushed back to 12 weeks. 12 weeks later and still not even started the build and they push it back to 16 weeks. Today makes the 16th week and still haven't started the...