1. N

    Gunsmithing Just dropped off my .22 for repairs.

    I have a .22 Winchester breakdown rifle made way back in 1937. And the ejection wasnt fully functional. So the bullets would jam and or cartriges wouldn'nt eject. The break down lock wasnt holding in the barrel tight either. So thats going to cost me a respectable $90. I think thats a great price.
  2. sosicmcise

    Dropped my Varget charge by .5 grains...

    Quick question. I reduced my Varget charge on a 175 SMK load by .5 grains (originally 42.5g now 42.0g) The 42.5g load shot at 2644 through a 3 screen, indoor oahler chronograph. What ammount of velocity reduction do you think I'll see with a .5 grain reduction? Any thoughts would be...