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    IWI Gas Gun Challenge 2022 Match Schedule (Eastern and Central PA)

    IWI Gas Gun Challenge series is entering its sixth year in 2022. This year we have a new title sponsor plus an amazing list of sponsors. Matches are held at New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club (NHRPC). (Map) Registration: Registration opens 4 weeks before each match until noon the day before...

    Any training in Central or South Eastern OH?

    Just looking for some beginner training in long range shooting. Everything I know is self taught and I would love to learn proper techniques. Im about an hour S E of Columbus Ohio.
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    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths in NC, SC or eastern TN???

    Anybody know of any good gunsmiths in NC, SC or eastern TN?? I need some blueing done, a barrel headspaced and installed, some fitting on the stock and a trigger job. My normal smith moved and closed his shop.
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    Member Link Up Ranges in eastern NC

    Are there any 500-600 meter ranges around Fayetteville that are open to shoot. I searched around and can really only find them in the Eastern portion of this state.