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  1. Lowlight

    TAB GEAR Shooting Mat Video

    As I noted in the Suppressor cover update video, I recently took a trip to visit Tony Burkes @ TAB Gear, and shot a little video of each product. Here is their Shooting Mat, a quick short intro from Tony on the Mat and folding it for those who wonder how he gets them so small and compact the...
  2. C

    Need some equipment help

    Ok, I'm new to rifles. I have been looking at getting into reloading for my pistol(.40 S&W). I really want to now for the rifle. I am out of work so money sucks. What is the problem with Lee products? I have seen their scales are iffy. Will these products work until I can upgrade? You can...
  3. M

    What equipment do I need?

    So I've been reloading pistol and shotgun for a couple of years and now I'm about to get into loading for my .308. I have the basic tools for my pistol loads but what am I looking at for loading precision rounds? What dies do you guys prefer? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks -Brown...
  4. R

    Maggie’s New Female workout equipment!

    Shapes and Tones the arms https://video.permint.com/320wide-DYNAMIC.swf?mediaid=597
  5. G

    Equipment Recommendation

    I have two female friends that want to get into shooting. I briefly discussed the differences with semi autos and revolvers with them, but I'm not really sure what direction to point them in for first time shooters. They may want to explore CCW carry as well. Any suggestions?
  6. A

    Advanced Marksmanship Need some info/help on equipment

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum i've been interested in long range competitive shooting for quite some time now and have finally decided to "pull the trigger" and seriously get into it. i've been reading about service and match competitions 2,3 and 5 or 6 hundred yards with AR type rifles...
  7. D

    What happened to the equipment forum?

    The equipment discussion forum (formerly the first forum listed) seems to have disappeared. Is this a temporary glitch? Or is it to be split into multiple different forums? Or am I hallucinating?
  8. C

    Trying to sell equipment to our side.

    M-200 Military. We have one for sale. We don't want it sold to just anyone. Ideas?
  9. BobinNC

    .22LR Tactical Equipment List

    Signed up for my first match, and here's what I have: Rifle: Kimber Hunter Silhouette w/24" barrel. I also have a Harris 6-9" Swivel Bipod w/Pod lock that I will use for the match. Scope: Leupold VariX-III 3.5-10x50 EFR w/Duplex Reticle Mounts: Standard Kimber bases and Leupold High Rings...
  10. C

    About to buy reloading equipment...

    Im going to buy a starting kit finally and was looking at the RCBS RC supreme reloading kit it's on cabelas for 289 and my local gun shop has them for 329 I believe... Or if there is any other suggestions? Also any certain die's to look for Not trying to spend to much just getting started...
  11. W

    Reloading Equipment

    Has anyone tried ordering any lately? The stuff's as scarce as primers! Everbody's out of everything; presses, dies, shellholders, powder measures, even books. I ordered five items, and three are backordered. I'm having to wait on a book, lock rings, and a shellholder. I was lucky enough...
  12. 3

    Pressure Tesing Equipment

    Where can I find this stuff? I've tried regular internet searches with no luck. I've seen a few people post on here using screenshots of their own systems and would like to know where I can find one. Preferably, one that will give me pressure readings in CUP and PSI. Thanks!!!!
  13. lordt313

    Advice on 1st time equipment

    I am getting ready to purchase reloading equipment because I can no longer aford factory ammo, I will be reloading one rifle in .308 and eventually want to make precision loads. i am just looking for some suggestions as far as a press, dies etc.. Thanks Taylor
  14. M

    Newbie Question on Concentricity Equipment

    I currently use the Redding competition seater die, but I currently do not have any gages to measure runout. I have had my eye on the Hornady Ammunition Concentricity Gage, but I called Hornady yesterday and they said it will not be released until July, 2009. It is the only gage I have seen...
  15. J

    Help with reloading/handloading equipment!

    So, after talking with a fellow Hide member, i am seriously considering reloading! This will be for my 223 bushmaster varminter and will mainly be a paper punching/varmint rig! So i will be wanting to make accurate rounds, rather than more rounds per hour! Im not sure where to start on presses...