1. 11ZuluB4

    Gunsmithing Bolt Face

    Got a rookie question for you all. I was looking at new 700 actions on Gunbroker and found one that did not have a caliber listing. All it said was that it had a standard bolt face. Is there a standard that a lot of them come in (head size) or am I looking too deap into that?
  2. Known

    Gunsmithing Coned bolt face - advantages and disadvantages

    Hi, Should a coned bolt face be a consideration for a tactical rifle? Regards, Ed
  3. N

    Gunsmithing Bolt face calibers, a quick question

    Hi, If I were interested in rebarreling a Remington 700, what other calibers will fit a 308 bolt face? Im guessing I could use 22-250 or 243 with that bolt face, but what others am I not thinking of? Thanks guys Short actions only
  4. A

    Gunsmithing Opening up bolt face on Rem 700

    Just wondering If bolt face on rem 700 can be opened up from standard to magnum? Any problems with doing so? Looking to build a 300 win mag. and have found a LA 700, but with standard bolt face, Thanks, Alan
  5. J

    pic of guy smacked in face with windrunner

    I saw this post a while back and have run a couple differnt searches but can not find the post Can someone please post or pm me a link? Thanks, Jim
  6. D

    face to face gun transfer from different states???

    I plan on buying a rifle from another member soon. We would perfer to to do FTF transfer, but I live in South Carolina and the other member lives in Georgia. I have spoken to 3 different FFL's and got 3 different answers. The current answer is for the Georgia member to bring the rifle to SC and...