federal brass

  1. slickalaus12

    Hornady vs. Federal V-max?

    hey all, i am just getting into a new 223 (t3x varmint, 8" twist). been trying to find something that shoots well. i am seeing federal is using the hornady v-max bullets. is the performance comparable to hornady's v-max offerings? the federal stuff is somewhat cheaper, and i am wondering if...
  2. HairyDemon

    Savage chamber- Federal brass?

    So I rebarrelled my model 12 that was .223 into .308 win with a buddies .308 barrel off a model 10 tactical. We did the standard go-nogo head spacing and the yard. I went to range today to test it out. Fired one round and went for my second and bolt stuck at about 45 degrees and would not come...