findlay cup

  1. 30calgal

    2013 Findlay Cup Results BLog

    Here is my article of the match last weekend. If you were there you know how great it was. If you were not you need to sign up for next year. I'll have a video out in the next week or so as well. Findlay Cup 2013 ? Wenatchee, WA | 30 Cal Gal | Rifles & Competitions Anette
  2. 30calgal

    F T/R Competition 2013 Findlay Cup Final

    Here is my article of the Findlay Cup. Was a perfect day with hardly any wind and not freezing cold. Unusual for that area of Wenatchee not to be windy. I will have a video in about a week. Will post on my blog and notice here. My first time shooting at night and for one stage they provided...