1. Redmanss

    Hunting & Fishing Location Suggestion Request - Central or Northern Utah Backpacking/Fishing in Early June

    I'm looking for a good spot for backpacking into this coming June in northern Utah with the family (8 y/o daughter, 11y/o son, backpacking rookie g/f and my brother), and need some tips. I'm well equipped and all and of course my fieldcraft is pretty dang good, but I'm going to have the kids...
  2. S

    Hunting & Fishing Bow fishing gear???

    It's been many years since I have been. Now that my 9 y/o is old enough to mess around with a bow he's interested. The equip I used looks A LOT like the same stuff I can buy locally. My question is what is good equip for a guy to get into without spending a fortune??? If anyone has a bow...
  3. Triggernometry

    Hunting & Fishing Who's fishing?

    I'm a low speed, high drag kinda fisherman; while my buddies are chasing specks and reds in the marsh, my g/f, dog, and I are sipping cold beer with our toes and paws in the sand. Here's a few pix from the past 2 weekends. Anyone else catching anything? Post 'em if you got 'em.
  4. shooter65

    Maggie’s Fishing license

  5. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Take your kids fishing!

    Logan when he was 3 with his first fish. Come on its spring lets see some youngins with their fish!!