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  1. Every Day Gun Guy

    Firearms AMMO, Handguns, Accessories, Rifles, Shotguns and more ALL @ Every Day Gun Guy!!

    Get all your shooting sports needs at Every Day Gun Guy!! Ammunition, Handguns, Optics, Hunting, Rifles, Shotguns, and Accessories at Every Day Gun Guy!! SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAILS AND GET A 10% OFF COUPON CODE FOR ENTIRE ORDER!!! Remember, we also ship to your local FFL! CLICK HERE TO GO TO EVERY...
  2. Redmanss

    Hunting & Fishing Location Suggestion Request - Central or Northern Utah Backpacking/Fishing in Early June

    I'm looking for a good spot for backpacking into this coming June in northern Utah with the family (8 y/o daughter, 11y/o son, backpacking rookie g/f and my brother), and need some tips. I'm well equipped and all and of course my fieldcraft is pretty dang good, but I'm going to have the kids...
  3. S

    Hunting & Fishing Bow fishing gear???

    It's been many years since I have been. Now that my 9 y/o is old enough to mess around with a bow he's interested. The equip I used looks A LOT like the same stuff I can buy locally. My question is what is good equip for a guy to get into without spending a fortune??? If anyone has a bow...
  4. Triggernometry

    Hunting & Fishing Who's fishing?

    I'm a low speed, high drag kinda fisherman; while my buddies are chasing specks and reds in the marsh, my g/f, dog, and I are sipping cold beer with our toes and paws in the sand. Here's a few pix from the past 2 weekends. Anyone else catching anything? Post 'em if you got 'em.
  5. shooter65

    Maggie’s Fishing license

  6. psinclair

    Hunting & Fishing Take your kids fishing!

    Logan when he was 3 with his first fish. Come on its spring lets see some youngins with their fish!!