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flatline ops

  1. Crazyeddie46

    WTB WTB 36mm x 24mm low ARC rings, level

    WTB 36mm low ARC rings, also looking for flatline ops halo x 36mm level.
  2. R

    SOLD Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18 w/Extras

    Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18X44 with Tremor 3 reticle. Also includes: - American Rifle Company M-Brace Scope Rings (High 32mm) - Flatline Ops Halo-X Level - Flatline Ops Bone Spur Throw Lever - Includes Original Sunshade and Scope Caps - Original Packaging for Scope, Scope Rings and Allen Wrench...
  3. Billiam1211

    SOLD [SOLD] WTS - 35mm Flatline Ops Halo

    [SOLD] American Rifle Company M10 Rings $160 shipped - 35mm - Medium Height (1.10") Flatline Ops Halo 35mm $75 shipped Both items are LNIB. Purchased them for a Leupold Mark5HD 7-35x and ended up returning it. Please contact me with any questions.
  4. J

    Flatline ops strong arm

    Does anyone know if the flatline ops strong arm will accept any angle degree indicator or does it have to take the flatline ops brand
  5. S

    Anti cant level

    I want to get a anti cant level since I live in Colorado and there isn't always level ground here. I don't want something that will break the bank and is light weight and most importantly it has to work