1. F

    Gunsmithing bedding and free floating

    i have a remington 700 sps and ive heard that bedding the action and free floating thebarrel make it significantly more accurate. is this true? and is so would i just take my rifle to my gunsmith to have this done?
  2. O

    Gunsmithing Floating Reamer Holders??

    I am going to attempting my first build soon and am trying to acquire all the tools. Which floating reamer holders work the best. I have been considering a Bald Eagle and JGS. Any input on either one of these would be helpful.
  3. deersniper

    Gunsmithing Free floating 700 now touchs the stock????

    I have a Remington 700 in what I think is a HS precision stock with palm swell (bought used). Anyway, the stock used to be free floated with plenty of room around the barrel. Now the stock touches the bottom of the barrel. I don't think the stock has a bedding block. Any ideas on why the...