1. N

    Fast follow up shot with AI (AW/AICS) ?

    How do you guys using these stocks or rifles manage to get of a fast follow up shot without loosing your target through scope.. link to marines and M40A3:
  2. P

    is sako going to follow suit with a lefty trg22?

    with news that accuracy international is going to produce an aw in a lefty, i was wondering if sako will follow suit with the trg22. maybe its just wishful thinking on my part.
  3. rdinak

    Rifle Scopes Follow Up on Leica Warranty-Very Positive!

    About a month ago, I sent two pair of binoculars into Leica for inspection and cleaning. Within a few days I received written notification of receipt of my optics stating all repairs would be covered under "Good Will Warranty". Today the older pair of 8x42BA's came back via UPS. When I opened...
  4. Sterling Shooter

    Advanced Marksmanship Stock Weld & Follow Through

    Consistent stock weld and follow through are essential to good shooting, the former, assures perspective of aim has a corollary to the rifle's zero; and, the latter, assures recoil is contained within an appointed limit. Yet, from reading posts here for several years, I've not noticed this...