1. SuperSeal110

    Two rifles that Eddie Fosnaugh cerakote.

    I had Eddie coat two complete barreled actions with Cerakote. Black graphite went on my g/f's .223ai and coyote tan went on my .17rem. I was lucky enough to meet up with Eddie Fosnaugh and Karl Kampfeld the weekend before since they were at a match not too far from the house. I handed the bolts...
  2. SSG3K

    Got some guns painted by Fosnaugh Customs

    Eddie did a great job and was very reasonable. I recomend him highly. About a 4 day turnaround. Rich
  3. E

    fosnaugh customs open for business

    Check out my website (link in signature) and what I'm currently offering. Full builds to come in the near future once my mill and lathe arrive. Thanks!