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  1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD 450+ bullets for $100 Shipped! - Hornady, Sierra, Barnes

    Berger 175 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 79 185 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 53 $65 shipped SPF**** Hornady 165 grain BTSP Interlock - unopened box of 100 165 grain BTSP Interlock- partial box of 75 178 grain A-Max- partial box of 79 208 grain Match- partial box of 58 $75 shipped...
  2. 1shot2kill

    223 rem need load info 65 gr gameking

    i need load info for a 223 rem bolt gun 24 inch varmint contour 1 in 8 twist using winchester brass varget powder cci 400 primers and sierra game king 65 gr is anyone else using a similar load i just need to know how much powder to use and what type of results are being shown any info will be...