1. C

    Shooting Club 2: Sniper - my sniper simulator on App Store

    Hi everyone, Can I make a little presentation here? I'm indie developer, I do games for mobile platforms (like Android). And I wanna show you my first game on App Store - "Shooting Club". It's sniper simulator, port my game from Android which have more 8 000 000 downloads on Play Store...
  2. C

    Shooting club - sniper sim game on Android

    Hi all, I'm indie developer. I want to show you my sniper sim for Android. This simulator of sniper shooting, here not only shot accuracy has great importance, but also specific characteristics of rifles, distance to the target, wind direction, and even heartbeat...
  3. Ross0341

    What kind of Shooting Games do you play?

    I'm looking for a few more Games to play with the buddies. I play 5 card stud, 5shots each per hand > pasties/ cardboard with cards glued to it. Best out of XXX shots etc Even tryed shotting balloons Looking for some new ideas!
  4. SN13

    Movie Theater Realistic Sniper Games?

    Guys, Viking got me thinking over on the COD6 trailer post, Are there any good PC games that simulate Long Range Ballistics within like 90% of reality? The games I know of that have noticeable ballistics are: Operation Flashpoint Armed Assault (A kinda offshoot of OpFlash) Maybe OpFlash and...