gas block

  1. mhgray5

    Accessories Lilja 223-8 M4 Recon Barrel; Geissele Gas Block; SOLGW BCG; SOLGW Upper Receiver

    As the title states, I have the following that I need to sell. All were used for 200 rounds of brass cased ammo. Lilja 223-8 M4 NSW Recon Barrel (.223 Wylde) : $400 Shipped Geissele Gas Block / Bootleg Carbine Gas Tube : $60 Shipped SOLGW BCG: $125 Shipped SOLGW Upper Receiver: $130 Shipped I...
  2. Chasingpro

    6.5 Grendel won’t cycle

    Hey y’all, So I built a 6.5 Grendel from an aero precision receiver set. I have a 20 inch faxxon barrel with rifle length gas port. It’s matched with a faxxon Bcg and superlative arms adjustable gas block. I have tried every single gas block setting and can’t get the rifle to eject. I’m...
  3. Dvando20

    Maximum gas port size?

    What is the max you can go with opening up the gas port on an 18" SPR TBox barrel in .223Wylde without asking for catastrophy? It's already at the max-spec .098" with an SLR adjustable block, but it's still short stroking with the block all the way open. Tried different springs, buffers, blocks...
  4. F

    What's your favorite adjustable gas block?

    Before you all attack me...I have searched the forum. I wanted to include some newer gas blocks in the conversation. Like the title says, what's your favorite adjustable gas block for the AR15 and why?
  5. A

    Suppressors AR-15 Gas block

    I have recently purchased a Suppressor, and having some problems with blowback. My friend was telling me about a company called a "Noveske Switch block" has any one purchased one and can you tell me where to obtain one other than their website, because I tried emailing them asking if they have...