1. TiredWings

    Member Link Up West Kentucky Shoot @ Rockcastle on 4-13-13 9am-???

    We had originally planed on the 6th, but the Benelli Shotgun Event is that weekend. I took the next available Saturday. Figured we needed another thread to keep everything tidy and to keep track of who wants to go. They asked how many to expect, so I went with 10 and told them I would call if...
  2. TiredWings

    Member Link Up West Kentucy 3/9/2013 RockCastle Shoot Results

    Well, we had to deal with a last minute change of venue and ended up at RockCastle. I think the rates have changed for the better for now, but I was told we paid the same old rates. As long as you have a member shooting, everybody pays $25 to shoot. I can live with those prices. Ended up...
  3. jephs422

    Rifle Scopes clarity and light gathering comparisons.

    I have a lot of glass on a lot of different rifles, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything over the $500.00 mark. It's not that I don't appreciate fine glass, nor do can I not afford it (well to a point). Typically after spending a few k on a rifle, I don't have much left over so I end up...