gen 2

  1. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Vortex razor gen 2 4.5-27 ebr-7c

    Selling my Vortex Razor gen 2 4.5-27 with eve-7c reticle. Scope is in great condition. Looking to get $1450 shipped. Sold! Possibly trade for nx8 4-32 mil xt
  2. K

    Prs gen 2

    I am in search for 2 magpul prs gen 2 buttstocks if anyone has 1 or 2 they would like to part with
  3. jinbody89

    Looking for: Magpul UBR Gen 1

    My rifle was stolen out of my car during a 3 gun competition last week. It had a Gen 1 UBR on it and I loved that thing. I can’t find one anywhere. Please let me know if you’re willing to part with one. Looking for one in black.
  4. 65fetzer

    Optics Razor hd gen ii

    Gen ii 4.5-27x56 ebr7c, only 1 year old, turrets are crisp like new. Scope only 1700. NF rings, level, throw lever 1950 tyd. Looking for mark 5 pr2
  5. M

    Optics Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27 MRAD Tremor 3 SOLD

    Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27 Tremor 3 Has rub marks on bell from barricades before I got scope chaps. $1450 shipped (Only trades are Nvidia 3080, 3080ti or 3090)
  6. syoakem711

    Optics WTS/WTT BNIB Vortex pst gen2 5-25x50 ebr-7c

    Selling a brand new pst gen 2 ebr-7c with throw lever and bubble level. $900 TYD Would trade + cash for Nx8 4-32 mil-xt Kahles 624i or 525i skmr 3 or 4 Leupold mk5 cch Leupold mark 4 spotter tmr reticle
  7. arcwelder

    Optics WTS Vortex Gen 2 Razor

    Used but not abused Vortex Gen2 Razor 4.5-27x56 with or without Spur SP-4002 mount $1750 with mount $1400 w/o mount Shipped in the original box sunshade also in the box Glass is clear as new just a little dusty PayPal or Venmo No trades
  8. T

    Picked Up A Vudoo, Man was i wrong

    Gang, I picked up a Vudoo yesterday, got a scope put on her and took outside to my backyard range. Man, my Tikka, Kidds, Annie and 452's are great shooters and for the longest time I couldn't see spending the extra cash for a Vudoo although I knew one day I'd end up with one. Well the stars...
  9. C

    Optics SPF Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 EBR-2C RZR-42706

    Selling my Vortex Razor 4.5-27 EBR-2C. Only owner. I've used it in a few matches and it has a few knicks to show for it. It's served me well, but I found a deal on a Kahles I couldn't turn down. Including AAD caps, Anarchy Outdoors throw lever, and original box. SPF $1575 Paypal FF or add 3%...
  10. D

    Rifle Scopes Average Usable elevation on PST 5-25

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have recently zeroed my pst 5-25 on my tikka ctr and found that I have about 10.5 mils left of usable elevation. I was honestly a little surprised that it took 15 mils to zero. Is this normal? The ctr has a zero Moa base. Given 25 total mils of elevation and dividing...