1. D

    Accessories Garmin Montana 750i GPS / Sat communicator

    NIB Garmin Montana 750i. This is their touch screen GPS with a camera and Iridium satellite messaging. (Sat messaging requires a subscription). Device description is available here...
  2. Dwebster

    Accessories Garmin Tactix Delta solar w/Applied Ballistics

    BNIB Garmin watch with Applied Ballistics! solar powered battery last a Month. 1400 shipped no tax no tracks.
  3. A

    Next Gen rangefinder

    This is a sneak preview of the next generation of tactical rangefinders as well as an unusual opportunity to view a piece of technology pre-market. In exchange, we ask only for some thoughts and discussion from those who matter most. The demo video for Visual Orientation System (VOS) is...
  4. O

    Fieldcraft Delorme GPS.... DON'T

    I am an old fart who started with map & compass, embraced GPS when it first appeared and find it a very useful TOOL out here in WY. My buddy who is a real expert with map & compass just replaced his ancient Magellan GPS with a new Delorme with all the zoomy software. It is an excellent machine...
  5. P

    GPS Sniper School

    Anyone familiar with this school? It looks pretty amazing.
  6. E


    What handheld GPS should i be looking at that can doube as a bollistics computer? Anything available for around $1,000???? any info appreciated