1. S

    223 Rem reloading advice

    Hello, I'm looking to get some advice on making my groups tighter for my 223 reloads. I'm fairly new to reloading and recently tested out some loads using BL-C(2). I loaded 55 rounds starting from the starting load in my reloading book and working my way up to the highest load. I started off...
  2. D

    Inconsistent Results with Same Charge Weight

    Hey guys, I'm developing a load for my 300WM. Currently working with Hornady brass, ELD-M 208grs, H1000, and Winchester primers. During my initial ladder testing, I found 73.5, 74.5, and 77.0 to be the best charge weights. But, when I loaded up two, 3-shot groups for each of those three weights...
  3. Johnny Sasaki

    Photos Post Your Best Groups.

    I don't know if this has been done before, in fact, I'm almost sure it has, but for some reason I can't view any new posts made in the photo section since the last big update to the forum. Make sure you mention if it's a 3 or 5 round group, and what the yardage was etc. I'll start her off (5...
  4. S

    Howa 1500 .243 groups

    ...I like the new site layout... Well, I finally finished building my first "Sniper" rifle. (I quote the word sniper because I am not a sniper and this rifle will most likely never see any sniper-time) I like it so far... It is heavy, but that equates to shooting comfort. The bolt slides very...
  5. MrClean

    Steyr SSG shooters..... shot groups? pics?

    Hey, I know it's not a GAP but surely there are a few Steyr SSG owners out there that can post accuracy results and maybe some pics of targets? Even of your rifle would be cool, just curious how accurate your rifles are. Thanks!
  6. H

    Gunsmithing AR Trigger Groups?

    I have been wondering about AR trigger groups. Will the AR-15 trigger groups, like the 2 stage type, fit in the 308 lowers like the DPMS LR-308 lowers? I have been thinking about putting a 2 stage trigger in the Lower I built and figured I had better find out if they will fit before I try it.
  7. Y

    groups at 500yrds

    hi all me and me mate have started some target shooting were using a 22-250 sako 75 as standard,home reloads also, after zeroin at 100yrds off bi-pod we had some shots at 500yards 5 each and we had the same size groups which were 5" we was impressed as we never shot at this range before what...
  8. C

    Photos 100 yard 5 shot groups from Nemesis Arms .308

    Finally after break in Im able to get shooting! 100 yards light breeze. Nemesis Arms .308 with Nightforce 5.5x22x56 scope Only second time out with the rifle, I feel after a few more trip to the range, this rifle will be a tack driver extreemo!
  9. M

    Weighing brass into groups worth it?

    I have had some problems with large SD's and have moved to weighing each charge on a balance beam scale. I have a friend who swears that i have to start weighing my brass and separating it into lots of 1 grain differences and tracking them that way? Does it make a big difference in practical...
  10. A

    My 280 AI groups

    I am tying some different seating depths with my berger 168 vld's These are all at 200yds any ideas or sugestions to pull the fliers in? Thank Nick I am going to try the a-max's well This is what i'm working with...
  11. Outlaw45

    Range Report groups opening up

    On my 700 VLS 308 shooting 175 SMK on top of 44gr of Varget I can get about a 1/2 inch group at 100 yards. After about 15-20 rounds my groups open up to about 1 to 1.5 inches. Is this common/normal?
  12. RobG

    First groups with new rifle, comments welcome

    These are groups from today with my new 7mm w/ Krieger barrel set up by RW Snyder. It seemed tightest with 65.5 of R22 but, all seemed pretty good for the first time out. Pulled one in the second group. Definitely did not like 71.5 of Retumbo. All groups 5 rounds at 100 yds. Any advice on where...
  13. T

    Photos 22 lr groups

    100 yard and 200 yard
  14. A

    Advanced Marksmanship Help improve my groups

    Off late I seem to be having incosistent groups, where I seem to be pulling shot number 2 or shot number 3 consistently. The rifle I am using is a .260 remington, built on a Savage, using a 1:8 27 Lothar Walther barrel. Am shooting off a rest and rear bag, and do not allow the barrel to heat up...
  15. Y

    Best AR barrel for tighter groups for the $$$.

    I have a 16" Stag, chrome lined, 1x9 twist, Nato & am shooting 55gr-62gr & 69gr bullets 250-300yds. By going to a custom (Krieger,White Oak) barrel,Wylde chamber,1x7 twist, & shooting 68, 75, & 77gr bullets what will the group differance REALLY be. Will I get a 60-70% tighter group, or will it...