1. KYS

    Can you hear me now? Part 2

    Well here is my latest contribution to the rifle section. The last piece of this puzzle finally came together this past week. Ive been battling some health issues but went to the doctor and he gave me a really positive report. Looks like Im on my way to normal again! I want to thank a member...
  2. KYS

    Can you hear me now? Surgeon 300WSM

    Thought I would post this picture up. I just got the rifle back from Surgeon on Thursday and wouldnt you know it, that USPS dropped off my paperwork today for my Quicksilver Manufacturing Titanium Can. Im running a USO SN3 Tpal scope and TPS low rings. Very happy with the rifle and the quality...
  3. B

    Maggie’s Had to put this hear.

    Just try reading this without laughing till you cry!!! It is the last paragraph that will do it!!!!! Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's...
  4. miniman93

    Hunting & Fishing anybody hear live in east river south dakota

    tryin to find some good bowfishing spots. you guys know of any. lookin for carp and gar mostly
  5. E

    Rifle Scopes Anyone hear anything about Millett backorders?

    Just curious if anyone has heard anything about the Millett backorders? I ordered a LRS quite a while ago and am still waiting. Has anyone got their's yet?