1. HitEmHard

    Handguard heating up

    So I just finished my first AR build, and of course I needed a free float handguard. Its all good right? Well, first time out to the range the other day I noticed the handguard getting hot. Its just a standard aluminum freefloat, no rails. But after only 30-40 rounds, it was unpleasantly warm...
  2. shankster..

    Maggie’s Guy Smoking a Cigarette & Heating NOS Tanks w Fire

    What a great video; A guy is smoking a cigarette as he heats his two large NOS tanks inside his Honda Civic with a propane torch next to commercial kerosene tanks at a gas station in preparation of illegally racing an ATV on a public street. The comedy ensues and he never thought to have a...
  3. 19818119

    Barrel heating question

    Gents, Looking for some info on shooting strings with a thin barrel. I've a Rem M7 that heats up very quickly (3-4 shots) and takes a fair while to cool. It makes running load development a long session at the range. What are the downsides to shooting a hot barrel? At what point does it...