1. J

    Copycat Load 223 Black Hills 77gr smk, any data??

    was wondering who knows the load for the factory black hills 77gr 223 round. Like to know powder and how many grains, and primer. Any pet loads would be great to know for the 77gr smk. thanks ya'll
  2. J

    Black Hills 77gr WHITE box

    Gentlemen, Does anyone have experience with .223 Black Hills 77gr hollow point Match ammo. I want a Mk262 type 77gr round for a Noveske Stainless upper I have on order. I was told this is Factory reloads from once fired brass, that it is in the white box due to blemishes on the cases. Other...
  3. Tactical30

    Blacks Hills Powder

    Does anyone Know what kind of powder Black Hills runs in their ammunition. My buddy pulled a bunch of Black Hills bullets out of their cases (dont ask) and has a bunch of BH powder. He was wondering what kind of powder it was so he can use it instead of tossing it. he pulled like 200rds. Stupid...
  4. BigBrother

    Good replacement for Black Hills 68gr match?

    Hey all- wasn't exactly sure where this belonged, it was a toss up between exterior ballistics and rifles, since it has to do with both. I settled on this specific BH ammo a while back for competition: http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=135288 Out of my Bushmaster Varminter-...
  5. jroberts

    black hills blown out primer

    the other day a buddy of mine and i were shooting...as he made a shot he jumped and said something bit him on his right arm..well come to find out it was a primer that had been blown out of the case and landed on his arm...he was shooting a pof 308..all factory...the ammo was black hills 175...
  6. C

    Black Hills 308 match powder and charge weight?

    Anyone know what powder and charge weight Black Hills uses in their 308 win 168gr match rounds? My rifle likes this load but I want to load it myself. Someone help me figure this out please. Thanks
  7. D

    Best twist for .300 WM - 190gr. Black Hills Match

    I'm putting together a rifle , using an AIC stock . I plan on using a 26" Rock Creek M-40 profile barrel . It will be threaded for the SWR OMEGA 300 muzzle can . My main load will be the Black Hills 190gr. Match , although I may handload . What's the best twist ? I've had conflicting opinions...
  8. D

    Black Hills 300 win mag 190 load info needed

    Does anybody know what the load is that Black Hills uses in their 190 grain match load for a 300 win mag. I figure a 190 grain Sierra Match king, their own brass and probably a powder not available to reloaders but what primer?? Federal 215 GM?? Thanks for the info if anybody knows
  9. esromvre

    Member Link Up SD WY NE Black hills?

    who is all here?
  10. workingman1976

    Fieldcraft M118LR vs Black Hills

    Ok I am not sure if this was ever brought up. Has anyone compared Black Hills .308 168 grain BTHP to M118 LR ammo before? If so what is the pro and cons of each Thanks.