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    Bug Holes From Bipods

    I just found this article on AccurateShooters.com. I found it pretty interesting, especially the Reloading section. You guys should def. check this guy out. Hitting 4" Sporting clays @ 700 yds everytime, and golf balls @ 800 yds. http://www.6mmbr.com/TacticalFroggyA1.html
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    Rifle Scopes How to spot .30cal holes half a mile away

    I didn't mean for that thread title to sound like some joke, 'cause it's not. How do you more experienced long range shooters spot your hits at long range? I have used a bushnell spotting scope, but that was ancient and died in the bush one day from a gun shot wound. That thing could not see...
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    Rear screw holes stripped on 10/22

    I took my 10/22 to the range the other day and it was shooting very poorly and not holding zero. i thought it was a fauly scope and wanted to change to a different scope so i went to change it out last night, i found my issue. both of my rear base mounting holes are stipped, looking for some...