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  1. O

    Reloading Equipment 108eldm 500 count

    500 count 108 eldm all same lot number 210 shipped
  2. unoigo

    SOLD Hornady 108g 6mm CM ELD-M

    SOLD Got 5 boxes, all same lot number, 3204719. $160 shipped for all 5 boxes. First I’ll take it rules apply. You must contact me. PP FF, Venmo or CashApp.
  3. O

    SOLD Bench clean 22-250 brass/6gt brass nosler 115 rdfs

    Bench clean out 185 pieces of hornaday 2x fired brass has been cleaned and annealed $90 22-250 brass 80 piece of Winchester 20 once fired the rest is new and 50 pieces of 1x fired hornaday brass $71 shipped Appx. 740 nosler 115 blems $165 shipped
  4. Dalmore

    Reloading Equipment Tons of 6 GT & 6.5 Creedmoor Brass - Alpha, Lapua, Hornady

    Hey All, I've got a bunch of brass for sale. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! 200 (two boxes of 100) brand new 6mm GT Alpha Brass $315 shipped SOLD Purchased from Mile High a few weeks ago and ended up going 6 Dasher instead. I opened one box just to look at...
  5. Wilford Comeaux

    Hornady trio case prep

    Hornady case prep for $100 obo.
  6. N

    SOLD SPF For sale 300 new Hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass

    300 new hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass. Large rifle primer. $200.00 Shipped.
  7. CraigT

    SOLD Sold

    .257 bullets a few brands and different grains. Sierra 1650 120 gr Hollow point BT 100ct unopened, Hornady #2540 100gr Spire Point 100ct, Hornady 87gr Spire Point 52ct, Nosler 43004 85gr Ballistic tip boat tail 60ct, Hornady #2520 75 gr Spire H.P. 80ct, Hornady #2510 60gr flat point 70ct...
  8. SIG34

    Barrett M82a1 CQB 50bmg

  9. D

    Hornaday case prep center

    hi all just seen a picture of the hornaday case prep center, theres an mp4 on you tube as well, is it any good,? anyone here got one ? cheers
  10. Z

    Range Report .223 Hornaday Vmax windage

    FIL purchased a Bushmaster AR and is shooting 55 grain hornaday vmax out of it. I've done some searching and can find no data for windage adjustments (say 10 mph crosswind). Found all I need for bullet drop