1. Oddball Six

    Safe Hygrometer

    Do you have a hygrometer sitting in your safe to monitor humidity? Bought some land and for the first time have a nice "shop" space to bolt down the safe. It will be less climate controlled than the house, but... its Colorado so its pretty dry here. Thinking maybe add a hygrometer to the...
  2. F

    I got a new safe! Now a humidity question

    OK, the only place I could put the safe was the garage. Not my first choice, but well out of site, even form someone standing at the front of the garage. And it is a HEAVY Graffunder bolted down well. But as I live in Houston, humidity is a concern. I have a goldenrod and one of those...
  3. Powder_Burns

    Advanced Marksmanship Barometric pressure, humidity, temperature?

    Just wondering about how these factors can effect long range trajectories and how they are compensated for. I'd also like to hear someone's take on barrel harmonics and how they mitigate the effects..I haven't seen any octagon barrels or barrel de-resonators in any pics on this site, curious as...