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    Training Courses Iowa Basic Precision Rifle Course by BP Precision at Sureshot Range in Mt. Auburn IA

    BP Precision Basic long range precision rifle course at Sureshot in Mt Auburn, Iowa. This course is an entry level course where shooters will take themselves and their rifles to the next level. In this one-day course we will go over the fundamentals, rifle setup, how to setup and verify...
  2. Mag 300

    Suppressors supressor laws for Cook County Illinois ??

    always wanted to have a suppressed .22 rifle , anyone know the cook county laws for Illinois . probably not allowed!!!!! Thanks in advance
  3. Mag 300

    Gat Guns nothern Illinois has Primers/ powder

    I was at GAT guns today and id your local you can pick up lg rifle cci, large pistol cci, large pistol russian and large rifle Mag primers approx $33- $34 a brick limit is 1 k each style of primer, i.e lg rigle 1K lg pistol 1K per day also has some powder like rl 15, 19, 22
  4. Mag 300

    looking for reloader 25 nothern Illinois ??

    anyone know of any local to say 40 miles west of Chicago
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    Member Link Up Illinois, southern Wis, Northern IN

    Any one shooting in the Il, IN, Wis area? I shoot up in Racine Wis. weekly looking for new ranges to shoot.
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    Gunsmithing Gunsmith in ILLinois

    Need to find a good smith in Illinois. Want some work done on a rifle.
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    Gunsmithing Illinois laws about a sound suppressor

    I live in Illinois and the way i understand it is that i can NOT own a suppressor. There is however PK forearms just down the road they have them on there personal firearms. PK is a huge AR parts dealer. What do i need to do to own one here in Illinois? Lee