1. banshee sws

    Remington MPD interview in

    Had the opportunity to interview Michael Haugen the manager of Remington's int'l Military Products Div. , Mike is a former SF sniper and sniper instructor really good read touching on lots of subjects, including their new MSR rifle , linky here REMINGTON MSR the interview is in this...
  2. gunman_7

    Maggie’s Terrorist interview - movie

    This is great...
  3. Lindy

    Maggie’s The Job Interview

    A guy goes to the Post Office to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, 'Are you allergic to anything?' He replies, 'Yes - caffeine.' 'Have you ever been in the military service?' Yes,' he says. 'I was in Iraq for two years.' The interviewer says, 'That will give you 5 extra points...