1. Ben17

    Training Courses Iowa Basic Precision Rifle Course by BP Precision at Sureshot Range in Mt. Auburn IA

    BP Precision Basic long range precision rifle course at Sureshot in Mt Auburn, Iowa. This course is an entry level course where shooters will take themselves and their rifles to the next level. In this one-day course we will go over the fundamentals, rifle setup, how to setup and verify...
  2. J

    Long range matches in the midwest??

    I'm looking for matches near Missouri. I'm located near Kansas City and would be willing to travel to any bordering state. I do already shoot the Big Piney Sportsmans Club matches in Houston Mo. but am looking for more to attend. If anybody knows of something, or has a good way I can search...
  3. dar1246

    Kansas Iowa Nebraska Missouri

    Any matches going on in these states. Anything
  4. rmcc

    Member Link Up Iowa

    Any shooters in central Iowa? Am looking to hook up with others to shoot with. I am new to this and would like to get started right. Rich